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A: Shooting Star Instant Games is a mobile web application for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to purchase Real Money Instant Win Games at designated locations on the casino property. You can play your games anytime and anywhere!

A: No download is required! Simply click the link above (or visit to launch the web app! You must be on a mobile device to play.

A: While it may work we cannot promise it will work sufficiently and accurately on tablets or iPads, as these types of devices are currently not supported.

A: You can pay with cash, Player's Club reward points, or with any winnings you have available! Payment must be made at the Cage within the Casino

A: If you are a Shooting Star Player’s Club member, simply tap the "Activate Rewards" button in the "Account" menu of the app, enter your player's club account info, then visit the Player's Club Kiosk at the Casino to confirm your account.

A: Brownse the games library on the app's home page, select which games you would like to play, and add them to your shopping cart. Once you’re ready to purchase the games you’ve selected, simply visit the Cage at the casino to complete the purchase process. Then your games will immediately be ready to play, whenever and wherever you want!

A: Due to internet wager laws the Shooting Star Instant Games application cannot facilitate purchase or prize redemptions via the internet. Players must visit a point of sale location at the casino for all purchases or prize redemptions.

A: You can play your games ANYWHERE a mobile device is allowed! This is subject to airplane restrictions and other restrictions not listed here as it relates to mobile device usage.

A: Players can use their cellular data plan to engage with the application. However, it is recommended to connect to the a strong WiFi signal if available.

A: Player’s must be 18 or older to full participate in the Shooting Star Instant Games application.

A: The most likely answer is that you are not a registered user of the Shooting Star Instant Games application. Even if you are already a registered Player’s Club Member, you'll need to create an account for the Shooting Star Instant Games application.

A: Player’s must return to the casino property and the Cage at the casino to redeem their winnings.

A: Only the Player’s Club member who registered on the device for the Shooting Star Instant Games application can purchase games or redeem winnings using that Stooting Star Instant Games account.

A: The Shooting Star Instant Games application currently provides multiple play styles, such as "match" games, slots style games, and more! All games are Class II

A: There is no limit to the amount of games or prizes, however purchases and redemptions may be subjected to federal reporting requirements.

A: You can use your winnings to purchase more games, or redeem them at the Cage in the casino. Due to internet wager laws, you must be at the Casino to purchase additional games with your winnings

A: This loading issue is likely due to a poor internet / cellular connection. Please wait until you have a solid internet / cellular connection to try again.

A: Games purchased and prizes available for redemption will expire 60 days after purchase. This is likely the reason your games to play and / or winnings have disappeared. If you believe your games to play and / or winnings have disappeared before the 60-day expiration, please visit Player's Club for customer assistance.

A: A mobile device is required to play Shooting Star Instant Games.

A: Games purchased, and winnings not yet redeemed will expire 60-days after the purchase date.